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Forest Goddess Athael by OperaticAnimeNimue Forest Goddess Athael by OperaticAnimeNimue

Magical Girl Generator: This calm magical girl's droopy eyes are the color of pine needles and her neck-length, wavy, silky, violet hair is worn in a dignified style. She has a wide-hipped figure. She has plant powers that come from a sceptre. Her pretty outfit is green and black and it looks as if it is made of leaves.

Sword Generator: This sword has an irregular blade with butterflys and knots engraved on it. Its grip is of a bronze metal with a pattern made of waves and triangles done in an inlay of a black-colored material.

Magical Girl Title Generator: Forest Goddess

Elf Name Generator: Athael

Battle Aura Generator: A flickering green aura. it is a representation of the manifester's inner self.

25 years ago, the godess Athael went misteriously missing, and for good reason. She'd noticed that the mortals down below were now desicrating nature with reckless abandon. She knew in her heart that something must be done to make them moderate themselves and cut back on their destruction of her beloved forests. So without telling any of the other gods and goddesses, she secretly placed herself into the womb of a pregnant woman. The little girl who was born was named Endralyn, who had grown up with no idea of the immense power sleeping inside her, but had a perfectly normal life. She grew up, went to school and colledge, and got married. She had always loved taking walks in the forest behind her childhood home and her university campus, where she was now working on her master's degree. She loved gardening, cooking with herbs she had just picked last weekend, stories and myths of elves, fairies, and unicorns. She had large crystal and pressed leaf and flower collections. People often said she was wise beyond her years. One day, she was taking a routine walk through the campus woods, wondering how she would write an extremly challanging paper for her botany class, when she heard the buzz of a chainsaw. She ran toward the sound, and stopped a few feet away from a very rugged man in the middle of cutting down a pine tree. She yelled "HEY, YOU! STOP! THAT TREE AND MOST OF THE LAND AROUND HERE BELONGS TO PHOENIXFLIGHT UNIVERSITY! She felt a great rage well up inside her that she couldn't explain, followed by a sudden and eriee calm. She saw and felt a green aura of light pulse around and through her, coming from her heart chakra and the innermost core of her soul. Her strawberry-blond hair changed to a brillant violet and her light gray eyes into the greenish-brown of a baby pinecone. Her outfit was transformed to resemble the black and green leaves above her head and below her feet. She marveled at her appearence long enough to notice that the woodcutter was getting away. She pointed her vine sceptre, topped with a glowing spring-green flower, at him and simply murmured, "Imprision him.". The pine tree the man was trying to cut down shot out its branches and crammed the man into the cut he had made, shutting him inside. "Now," said the tree with the wind's rustle in it's brances, " your body and soul will nurish mine due to the wound you have given me.". Endralyn/Athael nodded in approval and shouted to the forest around her "Fear not, all beings of the woods of the world, the Forest Goddess Athael has come to heal you!". "Now," she thought, "what to do about that chainsaw?". As if responding to the goddess within her, her sceptre pulsed with a green light and transformed into a strange and beautiful sword capable of great magical power that could cut through almost anything. She cut and hacked and slashed at the chainsaw until she was sure it could never be used again. Her sword then changed back into a sceptre and, with a process the exact oppisite the one she first transformed with, became her usual self again. "Wow. That was strange, but totally awesome! Who's the Forest Goddess Athael? Should I tell Owen or any of my friends and family about this? Probably not. I should get back to campus and do some research on this!" THE BEGINNING.
FirePwnsAll Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Love the story and she is very cute. Nicely done.
OperaticAnimeNimue Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011
THANKS! Could u pass this around to the other people in the contest?
FirePwnsAll Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess.
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